Broadband Report Ranks Ohio 2nd in Internet Activity and Investment

State-by-State study ranks Ohio first in effective and meaningful broadband delivery, and second overall in activity and investment, helping fuel economic development in the state.

The Strategic Networks Group (SNG) in partnership with the Rural Telecommunications Congress (RTC) released their survey of broadband activities of the 50 American states. “The Fifty States of Broadband” report evaluates five key dimensions of broadband implementation for each state: availability, adoption, meaningful use, growth investment, and regulation.

Of the 48 states that participated in the survey, Ohio ranked second overall in broadband investment and activity and first in driving meaningful use of broadband according to the report. SNG defines “meaningful use” as driving awareness and training by businesses, organizations, and households – a critical component in promoting a high quality of life and economic development.

Effective broadband, or high speed internet carries many advantages. It provides access to education and entertainment. It supports the communication of public health and safety information. High-speed internet equips individuals with a platform for discourse and supports innovation and economic development by connecting talent to employers. READ MORE >