Logistics 2.0 in Ohio

The logistics and distribution industry is undergoing immense change. Robots and humans are working together in warehouses, machines are digitally communicating, retail stores are transforming and distribution centers are supporting high-tech supply chains. The future is not ahead, it is now. And it’s in Ohio.

See what Ohio has to offer:

  • The nation’s fourth largest interstate system.
  • A location within one day’s drive of more than 60 percent of North America’s manufacturing capacity.
  • Ten major rail yards and 13 intermodal terminals.
  • Four dedicated air cargo terminals, seven commercial airports and three inland water ports.
  • Nine foreign trade zones that provide cost-effective access to suppliers and markets around the world.
  • Trained and reliable talent from over 25 Ohio institutions that offer nationally ranked programs in logistics and supply chain management.

A growing reputation as an e-commerce hub for retailers looking to move closer to dense population centers.


Bleckmann Builds First U.S. Distribution Center in Central Ohio

Over the past few years, some of the world’s most recognizable fashion, lifestyle and home-goods brands have opened operations in central Ohio. The region’s logistics infrastructure and proximity to markets make it an ideal location for corporate offices, back-office operations, and fulfillment and distribution centers. When executives at Bleckmann, a third-party logistics and distribution company based in Europe, wanted to establish a North American presence, they chose Ohio over neighboring states for the site of their first U.S. distribution center.

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Ted Griffith
Managing Director
Information Technology, Logistics & Distribution
Milind Paranjape
Information Technology, Logistics & Distribution