Trailblazing Digital Transformation


By locating your IT company in Ohio, you’ll have access to top tech and millennial talent, a cost-effective business environment and a collaborative community focused on customer success.

With access to global customers, Ohio has become a hub for big data – and global brands are taking notice. In 2016, venture capital and private equity funds invested $470 million in 210 Ohio companies (VentureOhio’s annual VentureReport), proving Ohio’s startup ecosystem is fertile ground for tech pioneers. In Ohio, companies can:

  • Tap into Ohio’s tech programs. Twenty-four data analytics and 26 cyber security programs offered by Ohio colleges and universities are available to companies invested in Ohio.
  • Take advantage of cloud computing and analytics. Cloud computing and consumer analytics hubs enable companies of all sizes to thrive in the digital age.
  • Hire top talent. Thousands of high-quality and diverse tech graduates join an existing deep talent pool every year.
  • Do more for less. A quality of life that offers a low cost of living and vibrant cities with diverse cultures – ideal for startups and millennial talent.

Hyland’s recently announced expansion plans to create 500 jobs is part of a growing trend among IT companies: expand in Ohio and operate with a Silicon Valley mindset, without the Silicon Valley cost.

Making Digital Dreams Come True
Making Digital Dreams Come True

Making Digital Dreams Come True

Ohio is where ideas transform from theories into reality. Through a network of collaboration, a skilled workforce and a unique environment conducive to success, Ohio is making dreams come true because it is investing in innovation.


Billions of people will be connected globally with help from New Albany data center.


Commitment to Technology in Ohio Gives Companies a Competitive Edge

Tech connects Ohio industry and academia
David Hudak, Ph.D., interim executive director of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and Paul Schopis, interim executive director of OARnet
February 13, 2017

OARnet and OSC offer Ohio companies and universities high-performance computing resources in addition to high-speed connectivity to support research and collaboration.

Opportunity in Ohio: Cybersecurity

Ohio is differentiated from other U.S. states in having three institutions of higher education housing National Security Agency (NSA) Centers of Academic Excellence (CAEs). CAEs for Cyber Defense programs are focused on reducing vulnerability in U.S. national information infrastructure by promoting higher education and research in cyber defense and producing professionals with cyber defense expertise.

Ohio Supercomputer Center and OARnet

Ohio’s technology infrastructure includes advantageous resources such as the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet). The Ohio Supercomputer Center is a publicly owned supercomputer that provides integrated hardware, software and consulting. OARnet connects academia, research and business at a faster speed, with higher security at lower cost, enabling resource sharing across the state. Click the brochure below to learn more about the benefits of these resources.