Ideal Ecosystem Bolsters Continued Chemical Industry Growth in Ohio

For growing adhesive, coating, and paint innovators Ohio offers the ideal ecosystem helping you diversify customer portfolios and increase market share. 

In Ohio, adhesive, coating, and paint companies are succeeding. Ohio offers access to diverse industries, a competitive business climate, and exceptional innovation ecosystem helping ensure immediate success and future growth. 

Connect with Diverse Customers

The state's diverse industries provides speciality chemicals companies unparalleled access to end-customer markets. Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation, Food Processing, Advanced Manufacturing, and Logistics and Distribution are some industries with a significant presence in Ohio helping you access new customers across diverse sectors. 

Decrease Business Costs

The state's competitive business climate provides Ohio-based companies long-term, cost advantages. Effectively decrease overall business costs with access to assets found only in Ohio.

  • A robust and educated chemicals manufacturing talent pool at a competitive cost nationally.
  • Sustainable low-cost electricity and utilities provided by abundant natural resources found only In Ohio. 
  • A business-friendly regulatory environment and tax structure ranked 10th Best State for Business by Chief Executive. 
  • An integrated logistics infrastructure providing cost-effective and reliable multimodal transport options. 

Innovate Products Everyday 

Through focused statewide collaboration, Ohio invests nearly $10 billion annually in engineering research and development helping fund a world-class innovation infrastructure that includes academic research facilities, private innovation centers, government installations, and an extensive network of incubators and accelerators helping Ohio businesses continually innovate. With access to sophisticated resarch facilities, adhesive, coating, and paint companies stay on the cutting-edge of next generation product development. 

Accelerate Your Success

Alongside these strengths, Ohio offers companies a business-savvy economic development partner dedicated to your success. At JobsOhio we help clients:

  • Realize the full benefits of locating in the leading U.S. innovation ecosystem from site selection to talent acquisition, and future growth.
  • Connect with the right partners from academic, federal, and private research institutions across the state to facilitate innovation.
  • Maximize efficiency and profitably through strategic proximity to your comprehensive supply chain and customer markets.

When you're looking to locate or expand your speciality chemical operations, do it in the leading innovation ecosystem in the U.S. Ohio.