Companies Scaling-up in Ohio

For companies looking to scale-up in a supportive environment offering community, collaboration and captial, Ohio is the premiere location. Ohio has built an extensive continuum of support making the state an attractive place to launch, build and grow companies. The result of this activity is an increasing number of companies succeeding across the state. Below is a brief list of companies we are proud to highlight and support. 

Assurex Health

Based in Mason, Ohio, Assurex Health is a personalized medicine company specializing in pharmacogenomics developed at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medica Center. Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) provided Assurex with a loan from its Innovation Ohio Loan program. Later JobsOhio invested $4 million from its Growth Fund Loan program and a $1 million JobsOhio Economic Development Grant. Assurex committed to $10.84 million captial investment in Ohio, to create 150 jobs and retain 124 jobs. 

Enable Injections

From Cincinnati, Ohio, Enable Injections utilized research conducted by Cincinnati Children's Hospital to develop a device that provides patients with a comfortable injection experience using a discrete body-worn device. JobsOhio provided Assurex support via a $2 million JobsOhio Growth Fund Loan. Enable Injections committed to a $5.33 million capital investement to the state, to retain nine jobs and create 150 more. 


Software solutions company, DecisionDesk is based in Lakewood, Ohio, and provides technology solutions to streamline the college admissions process. Following support from the Ohio Loan Fund, JobsOhio provided support via a $1.5 million Growth Fund Loan. DecisionDesk committed to a $2.98 million capital investment, to create 56 new jobs and retain 45 jobs. 


Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Streamlink has emerged as the industry's leader, offering high-value, affordable software solutions to help non-profits and board customers maintain compliance, generate revenue and build capacity. JobsOhio provided support via a $1 million Growth Fund Loand. Streamline committed to $1.3 million capital investment in the state, to create 20 jobs and retain 34 jobs. 


The company's Marketing Mix Optimization product empowers clients with market intelligence to make strategic marketing invetment decisions. ThinkVine is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. JobsOhio supported ThinkVine with a $1.25 million Growth Fund Loan. The company committed to invest $1.81 million in Ohio, create 25 new jobs and retain 27 jobs. 


Based in Dublin, Ohio, Updox provides customer relationship management platforms for healthcare vendors. Updox received support from ODSA and later JobsOhio invested $7.5 million from its Growth Fund Loan program. Updox commmitted to invest $1.57 million in Ohio, create 37 jobs and retain 27 current jobs.